As of our last Board Meeting on January 18, 2013, ACM New York is offering several Grassroots Scholarships to go to the ACM-NE Region Fall Conference and Trade Show.  You can apply for a either a one day or two day scholarship.  The ACM may be looking to invest in your training for the good of the sustainability and/or growth of Community Media in NY State.  Please note that you do not have to be an ACM member* to apply for or receive a scholarship from ACMNY!

The scholarship application is available HERE.  Feel free to add a page to expound on what benefit the training could bring you and/or your area.  You can submit it electronically by e-mailing the fill-in form back to  Or you can scan and e-mail it.  FAX is possible, but less reliable.  Those chosen to receive a scholarship will receive it in the form of a reimbursement check after the conference has been attended.  You must register yourself and pay either online or at the door.  The deadline for the scholarship has not been set yet.  Winners will be notified as early as possible before the conference.  Additional travel expenses may be awarded in some cases, depending on need.

Maryann Arrien

Chair, New York Chapter, Alliance for Community Media

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Last Modified: August 7, 2013